Sunday, April 1, 2012

decided to collect some of my work in one post :)

a swallow on a branch of wild rose by Maria Khersonets 5-7 inch_thumb[1]an american cardinal_thumb[3]Summer Lily_thumb[10]a white peacock_thumb[5]a-winter-peacock-by-Maria-Khersonets[1]-B-@KB-G-0 =0 4@_thumb[1]Mermaid by Maria Khersonets_thumb[2]D5O-1_thumb[5]lotos pattern by Maria Khersonets - 2_thumb[3]452CH-0 A ---B5;5-_thumb[1]goose Maria Khersonets _thumb[1]---H5G-8_thumbold new year.00-AstroPilot-Emptiness-EP-Sun-Station-Records-2011sparro,Maria Khersonets_thumb[6]-5@2K9 A=53_thumbThe Little Mermaid by Maria Khersonets_thumb[4]The Winter robin_thumbvalentine card_thumbpattern3 -  Maria Khersonets_thumb[12]_thumb5-B-@KB-0 --;81@8_thumb[22]-@0A=K9 -0@48=0; @-645AB2-_thumb[2]

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